Do I need special sr 22 insurance if I have had my license revoked due to DUI/DWI?

Getting behind the wheel while intoxicated is never a safe idea, and it can have far-reaching consequences, including losing your license. In some cases, individuals who have had their license revoked due to DUI/DWI may be required to purchase special SR 22 insurance before they can legally drive again. The purpose of this type of insurance is to provide additional financial protection for those who have been deemed high-risk drivers by their state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

The SR 22 insurance requirement is set forth by individual states, so there is no single answer as to whether or not a revoked license due to DUI/DWI necessitates specific coverage. However, in most cases the answer is yes; if you’ve been convicted of driving while intoxicated (or any other major violation), your state’s DMV may require you to obtain an SR 22 certificate before they reinstate your license.

Essentially, SR 22 insurance provides extra assurance that you are financially responsible and able to cover the costs associated with damage or injury caused by your driving. This type of coverage is backed by a special form that must be filed with the DMV or court system in order for an individual to regain legal driving privileges after a suspension or revocation due to DUI/DWI charges. It also serves as a way for an insurer to demonstrate that you are maintaining adequate coverage at all times – even after being convicted of such an offense.

In most instances, purchasing SR 22 insurance requires the same steps as obtaining any other type of auto policy – deciding on coverage options and limits, shopping around for quotes from different providers, and paying the premium cost directly to the insurer. Keep in mind though, that because it’s viewed as a higher risk, premiums tend to be more expensive than standard car insurance rates. It’s also important to note that most states require drivers convicted of DUI/DWI offenses to hold onto their SR 22 certificates for three years; failure to do so could result in renewed license suspensions or revocations.

If you’ve had your license revoked due to DUI/DWI and are unsure whether or not you need special SR 22 insurance before regaining legal privileges, it’s best to contact your local DMV directly for more information on what exactly is needed in order for reinstatement. While this type of insurance comes with added costs compared with standard policies, having it can prove invaluable down the line should you face any future incidents related to behind-the-wheel behavior requiring you to demonstrate financial responsibility once again.