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Funk Music Lives On


Believe it or not, you probably can’t find anyone who doesn’t still enjoy funk music from back in the day. Funk jams from the 60s, 70s & 80s are considered by most people to be “old school” music and generally you don’t need to explain the music you will hear.

Many radio stations will set aside a particular time slot where the deejay will play nothing but old school music especially on the weekends. Listeners can tune in for a morning of funk music or in the evenings which is a perfect time when people are out and about or enjoying a cookout with friends.

There is no mistaking the popularity of funk music bands from Parliament and Funkadelic, Sly and The Family Stone, Brass Construction, Con Funk Shun, and the Ohio Players to name a few. Even when rappers and hip hop took the music world by storm, funk music still kept it’s place on the turntables.

When Soul Train co-founder and host Don Cornelius passed away a few months ago, fans of the hit dance show showed their love and support all around the world. The ‘flash mob’ held in remembrance of Don Cornelius in New York City was a testament that the era of funk & soul music lives on. Many attendees dressed in groovy bell bottom jeans and Afro wigs as they danced down the street.  Even today, nightclubs may throw a “70s” theme party and the place will be jam-packed. Just knowing that the spins on the 1s and 2s from that time gets people in the door and ready to hit the dance floor to their funk favorites.

There is truly something about funk music that takes us back to a different time in our lives. The Internet radio stations have transformed the way we listen to music because the stations can focus on a particular genre like funk music that they play all day at anytime.

One thing for sure, Funk Republic Radio is definitely not regulated to a time slot for an hour or so. It’s all the funk, all the time. Just goes to show that funk music lives on!

3 thoughts on “Funk Music Lives On”

  1. its nice to find this article and its also nice to read about what others feel or think about funk music. You are totally right that funk is alive couse its not only the music of a particular time or particular community. The funky beats are coming much more deeper, coming from our ancestors' soul from the past. i really love this kind of music and i like to listen funk republic radio. thank you

  2. Thank you so much for commenting on this post. It's nice to meet another music lover who enjoys funk music. The DJs are great and spin super music on the station. Keep listening!

  3. Jadon says:

    Thx for keeping the funk alive!



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