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How to Listen

You can listen to funk & soul on Funk Republic Radio 24 hours a day, 7 days week.  There are many ways to listen to Funk Republic Radio, including our podcasts.

Our Website

Simply go to our “Online Funk Player” and voila, instant funk!  Now you can plugin your headphones and jam all day at work, or plugin some external speakers and bam, you got a funk house-party!


Funk Republic Radio is syndicated via Radionomy.  Set up your own account with Radionomy and enjoy us 24/7, not to mention many features for making your listening experience better.  Radionomy Group includes the world’s largest and most advanced digital audio advertising network and Internet radio platforms.

Represented in the Radionomy Group of companies are RadionomyTargetSpot,  Hotmixradio, and Winamp. Radionomy Group has a global footprint with operations in the United States, France, Spain and Germany.

Available_on_the_App_Store_(black)Funk Republic Radio has a dedicated that is also available on the iTunes App Store.  Simply do a search for Funk Republic Radio and you’ll find our app.  You can also listen to us by downloading other apps that stream our content such as TuneIn Radio and ShoutCast.



Windows Media Guide

If you have a Windows PC or laptop, you can listen to Funk Republic Radio using Windows Media Guide.  We are located in the Windows Media Guide Classic R&B section.


If you have an iTunes account, simply open up your iTunes application.  Then go to “RADIO” on the left side of your screen in iTunes.  Once you click on radio, go to RnB / Soul and you’ll find Funk Republic Radio.  If you don’t see “RADIO” on your left panel, go in to iTunes Preferences, click on “General” and then make sure RADIO is checked.

TuneIn Radio

You can listen to Funk Republic Radio using TuneIn.  TuneIn can be accessed by going to their website at and using the search window at the top right hand corner.  Enter the term “Funk Republic” and you’ll find us!  Also remember that TuneIn is available on many TV sets, Apple TV, and most new BlueRay DVD players.

House Party Tip!

Take your laptop or home computer and connect it to a large home-stereo or DJ system during JJ Nite’s Funk & Soul Roadshow every Friday night from 7pm – 9pm PST and… POW!  You got an instant House Party!

Mobile or Automobile

car-stereoToday’s Internet Radio technology is changing by the minute.  Soon you’ll be able to purchase a car or truck with a built-in, Internet radio streaming device.  Until that time, you can stream Funk Republic Radio on your iPhone®, Blackberry®, Windows® Phone, or Android® Mobile Device using headphones if your state allows, or simply connect your mobile device to your car stereo.

To currently listen to Funk Republic Radio on any iPhone®, Windows® Phone, Android® or Blackberry® simply download the “TuneIn Radio” app for free.  Once you’ve downloaded the TuneIn Radio app, simply search for Funk Republic Radio.  Once found, make us one of your favorites and voila!  You can now listen to the best funk and soul anytime, anywhere.

Stay tuned because we are launching our very own Funk Republic Radio iPhone app soon!

Funk Republic Gear